Technical Reports

There are currently over 460 technical reports available through the Center for Research in Scientific Computation. Many of these reports (over 400) are available for you to download directly from this web site.

Additional Notes:

We are in the process of switching to the Adobe PDF standard. Depending on whether the Adobe PostScript (.ps) files or PDF (.pdf) files exist, you will see an option to click on that file type. Right now most reports after 1998 are available in .pdf format.

Typical WWW browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) will try to load the .ps files to a PostScript viewer such as ghostview. If you do not have such software on your system, or you have any other difficulties, you can save the file directly to your computer to be opened after obtaining software, or you can contact the CRSC for a hard copy to be mailed to you. If you choose to contact CRSC, be sure to include your name, address and report number and title.



Our goal is to have your reports made available through these web pages. Please use the following directions to facilitate this process:

The most efficient procedure is to email a pdf version of your paper directly to Ralph Smith For large files (> 3Mb), please continue to use the TechReports directory in the crsc guest locker as a depository. Copy the .pdf file of your technical report into this directory and then email Ralph Smith the name of the file. The precise path for the TechReports directory is: /afs/eos/service/crsc/staff/guest/TechReports

If (and only if) you have already been assigned an offcial Tech Report number, use the following naming convention for your file: crsc-tryy-xx.pdf

where the "y's" are the last two digits of the publication year and the "x's" are the number of your technical report.

If updating a previously published technical report, copy your file to the TechReports directory and email Ralph Smith at Additionally let him know whether the title, author(s), and/or publication date need to be changed (e.g. "Revised: August 20YY"). If you cannot access the guest locker, please contact Ralph Smith at Access will be granted and you will be notified via email.